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What is the list of important Documents required for starting Redevelopment?

1. Society Registration Certificate.

2. 7/12 Extract.

3. Form no. 6 from Revenue Office.

4. Conveyance Deed / Lease Deed / Sale Deed.

5. Search Report and Title Certificate.

6. Index II

7. N. A. Order.

8. Development Agreement.

9. City Survey Plan.

10. Approved Building Plan.

11. Copy of I.O.D.

12. Commencement Certificate.

13. Occupation Certificate.

14. Completion Certificate.

15. Agreement for Sale.

16. Stamp Duty paid proof.

17. Registration Charges paid proof.

18. Appointment Letter.


What are the Documents needed to be prepared for Redevelopment?

1. Feasibility report.

2. Suggestions from members.

3. Public Notice for inviting the Tender.

4. Minutes of various Meetings.

5. Correspondence with different Authorities.

6. Obtaining required permission from Deputy Registrar, BMC, ULC Department, Na Department etc.

7. Tender Form.

8. Summary of Tenders received.

9. Approval of Tenders in the General Body meetings and preparation of Draft and Final Minutes.

10. Appointment letters to Advocate, Structural Engineers, Architect, Project Management Consultant etc.

Once you have the pre requisites ready you can contact us on:

(020) 25656868,

(020) 25670470

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